Combating food insecurity, one meal at a time.

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Our Mission

Feed the hungry, eliminate food waste.

Food insecurity—inconsistent access to affordable and nutritious food—is a problem that plagues America. According to the United States Department of Agriculture, 1 in 9 Americans are food insecure, culminating in over 37 million lacking nutritional resources.

At the same time, America leads the world in food waste. In 2010, we wasted 133 billion pounds of food. Beyond environmental implications, this waste hurts small businesses and organizations who can’t afford to lose revenue.

Our mission is to bridge the disparity by making one problem the solution to another.

How it Works

How we serve in-need communities, from the kitchens of local
restaurants to the homes of families.

Step One

Whether you’re a donor or a recipient, fill out our form so we can serve you best.

Step Two

Our delivery trucks will pick up recycled meals from local restaurants and deliver them to recipients in need.

Step Three

Recipients—by enjoying these recycled meals—are reducing food insecurity and waste. Donors—by distributing excess meals—are fueling their communities, bringing positive nutritional change to families, and supporting local businesses.

Our Impact


Meals Donated


Families Fed


Communities Impacted


lbs of Food Saved